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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 30, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lovely. see you next time, goodbye.
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>> and a poll shows that half of those surveyed support arizona's immigration law down two points from a month ago. 31 percent oppose the law an increase of four points. only a fifth believe the federal government is now enforcing illegal immigration laws. or immigration laws. a whopping 72 percent say the government is not enforcing them. arizona's controversial immigration law was d. -- defang by a federal judge.
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but the fight is not over so tensions are still high. on the day arizona's immigration reform law took affect what were intended to be angry protests were less heated despite a few arrests. this after a federal judge's preliminary injunction blocked controversial components of the law. >> we have a minor celebration. we have to say we won. and we have to get on. >> despite what is considered a "win" plenty of people still took to the streets of fee -- phoenix saying with an appeal being filed the fight is far from over. >> great but not the ultimate goal. the dream would be she would have gotten rid of the whole law. >> yesterday, the district judge blocked key revisions to the senate bill including sections
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that require police to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws and the mandate for immigrants to carry papers at all teams. a decision that has arizona governor brewer, the woman who championed this law, furious. >> i have been told by a federal judge and by the federal government that they are not going to enforce their laws. >> today, she filed an appeal on the 9th circuit and says if she has no luck she will go higher. >> going to the 9th circuit is a liberal situation and i assume we will move failure, then, to the superior. or to the supreme court. >> she says the state was first to take drastic action because the border is not secure and there are an estimated half a million illegal imgrants currently calling arizona home. since she signed this law, many have pointed their finger at the federal government, saying that it's washington, dc's job to
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fine a solution. >> get to work and pass comprehensive immigration reform and resolve the immigration at the national level. >> yesterday's ruling pertains to the federal lawsuit but the judge is still reviewing motions in six other pending lawsuits against this bill including one from the aclu and law enforcement officials around the state but now we hear oral arguments may not happen until the beginning of september. >> thank you from phoenix. thank you. government investigators have supposed a hole in the security by using fraudulent material to obtain u.s. passports. the second time they have done so in two years. the government accountability office says that during the investigation the agents applied for seven passports and received three. more potential fallout from the wikileak data dump and gingrich wikileak data dump and gingrich has a warning of threats posed with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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>> in international news, both of the u.s. navy sailors who disappeared last week in afghanistan have been confirmed dead. american and afghanistan officials say the two sailors' body have been recovered and nato has not said why he and the other sailor were on their own in such a dangerous area. the obama administration has said that the data dump could be very harmful to u.s. troops as well as american allies. and now, those on the ground in the war zone seem to be backing up that claim. white house correspondent is at the pentagon tonight with the latest. at a briefing with chairman of the joint chiefs, defense second called the massive release of
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secret information a mountain of raw data but say it will have a real impact on the war. >> the consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe. and dangerous. for our troops, our allies and afghanistan partners. >> admiral said there could be deadly consequences from the breach. >> truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghanistan family. >> the afghanistan president blast the leak saying it endangered the lives of citizens. >> we consider that irresponsible and an act one cannot overlook. >> he said the u.s. has a moral responsibilities to protect anybody who might now be in danger and suggested there could be a chill in cooperation. >> will people trust us? will people would lives are on the line trust us to keep their
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identities secret? will other governments trust us to keep their documents and their intelligence secret? >> the focus of the investigation is private first-class manning charged early this month with leaking this classified video, he announced he is calling in the f.b.i. to broaden the probe. >> the investigation should go wherever it needs to go and a reason i asked the director of the f.b.i. to partner with us in this is to ensure that it can go wherever it needs to go. >> fox has learn private first-class manning is on the move to virginia, and was supposed to face trial in baghdad for the irk road video leak and that could suggest an expectation that charges may be on the way. >> from the pentagon, thank you. >> nine years after the 9/11
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attacks, gingrich does not believe america understands radical islam. tweef political -- chief political correspondents examine that. >> at the american enterprise institute, former house speaker gingrich eyeing a 2012 white house run accused the obama administration and democrats of deliberately ignoring the threat of extremism. >> the obama administration is willfully blind to the nature of our enemies and the forces which threaten america. >> he has a ph.d. in history and accused the left of ignoring and down playing evil for decades. >> so the refusal to tell the threat to us is a parallel to the 70 year pattern of refusing to tell the truth of communism and the soviet union. >> the administration denies
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minimizing the threat. and vice president biden this morning insisted progress is being made. >> i assure you, we are doing significant damage to al qaeda in pakistan and as well as in afghanistan. >> but he limit the description of the enemy only to al qaeda. >> we are in afghanistan for a purpose: al qaeda. the threat to the united states. al qaeda. that existed in the mountains between afghanistan and pakistan. we are not there to build nations. >> but the let is not limited to that region or just al qaeda and gingrich clues extremists world wide. >> they are not compatible with the modern world or with civilization as we know it and deliver we are engaged in a long struggle. >> but the struggle with al qaeda now with a date for troop withdrawal from afghanistan deeply worried conservative security republicans.
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liberal antiwar democrats who helped elect obama, oppose the troop surge. >> gingrich says the u.s. and the world face a crossroads similar to the years before the world war ii when some down played the threat from nazi germany and japan. senator jim bunning seems to be up to something. stay tuned.
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>> now from the political grape vine. this year, former president bill clinton speaking about global poverty said that there is an inequality of opportunity among the population, half of which survive on less than $2 a day calling for political and business leaders to address the serious yes of poverty together. that was then. this is now. his daughter's wedding. estimated run the cost in the $3 million to $5 million range compared to the celebrity wedding of tom cruise and his wife reportedly cost $2 million. done am trump's wedding to model wife reportedly cost $1 million, and former first daughter jenna
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bush's wedding cost $100,000. during the appearance on "the view" president obama was behind the times on pop culture when asked about snooki from "jersey shore." should snooki run as mayor? i don't know who snooki is. but back if may at the white house correspondent's dinner, the president was senator a different tune as he joked about a new tanning bed tax exemption. >> it reads the following individual shading excluded from the indoor tanning tax when this bill. snooki. jay, the situation, and house minority leader john boehner. it is, of course, possible the president didn't get the joke he delivered so well because the writers helped craft that
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speech. >> kentucky republican senator and hall of fame pitcher bunning can still throw a mean curve ball taking on washington nationals pitcher after the rookie sat out the start because of a sore shoulder saying 520 starts and i never refused the ball. what a joke. he then pretended to grab the shoulder and cried out, my arm, my arm. the pitch are had an inflamed shoulder and put on the disabled list by the nationals today. updating the top story, new congressman rangel was hit with 13 ethics violations today as ethics committee lawyers and rangel reached a plea deal but some say it will not make a difference. the probe could prove a major problem for the form ways and means committee chairman in
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november. >> are new yorkers ready to escort rangel out of office? a former nfl lineman seeps to -- seems to think so. >> you are the reason i am running. >> he is an ordained minister. >> i am not a politician. have never been elected to public office. >> a former defensive lineman for the new york jets. >> i run as a citizen of this community. and a rare person in the liberal washington heights section of new york city. >> i am a proud republican. i want to see us as citizens not depending on government handouts. >> how do you win in a district that is help enormously democratic? >> i have to go door-to-door, talk to people, meet people in the streets and their homes. i am running for congress. the only way i get there is with help running against charlie
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rangel. >> june 16, across town, and outside the district. on manhattan's upper east side. a g.o.p. fundraiser for him but this friendly crowd puts the former lineman on the defensive. >> you will probably not win this time. >> i disagree. >> very, very difficult. (inaudible) i want to go to washington because i'm proud of america. >> june 23, another reminder of the long odds he faces. turn out at the fundraiser is ... less than expected. >> still it wasn't as language as i would like. you have to learn to salvage everything. ♪ i'm in a harlem state of mine ♪
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>> on election day i will be victorious, we are running to win. we are not running to place or show. we are running to win. you can watch more of the look at that race plus we go behind the scenes of other races around the country in the flight to control congress, 3:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. what's next for congressman rangel? well talk to the all stars about the ethics case after a quick break.
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>> years ago i survived an attack if north korea by chinese and as a result i have not had a
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bad day since. today i have to reassess that statement. thank you. >> charlie rangel today after a bipartisan investigation, part of the house of representatives ethics committee had 13 specific ethics violations against the long time new york congressman. they include: basic areas. 13 specific violations using official office items to solicit funds and favors for his center in new york. not disclosing income made on a rental. using represent stabilized apartment for politics instead of housing. and failing to disclose more than $600,000 on financial forms. failing to declare the rent am income from the villa. there is word of a deal here. some lawmakers are saying it is too late and we are headed to a trial with the ethics committee. there was also talk about what
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this means for ethics overall in the house of representatives today. we will keep our promise to drain the swamp that is washington, dc, to let sunshine clean the congress. >> we came in and we implemented the tough issues ethics reform in a generation. >> she made that statement of over four years ago and the fact is the swamp has not been drained. >> what about all of this? we will bring in our panel for you. first, what will lap to charlie rangel? >> the democrats did hold out hope this week, this whole morning and the afternoon there would be a deal that would help avert this trial that will be a political circus in september. but it is not really in his interest at this point to strike a deal, where it would suppose him to more legal liability.
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he's sort of dug in at this point and it doesn't look like he is considering resigning and he has a primary coming up in september and now it looks like a trial and it looks like they are headed into a six-week recess with this and their neck and it doesn't mean it won't happen or that a deal and a plea will not be struck in the next six weeks, congress is going to recession, the house, tomorrow night or saturday, and the clock is ticking to happen immediately and it doesn't look at this point like it will and it looks like he is ready for a fight. he is a proud man. and his party, we will hear, however, obviously now, that the charges have been given much pressure, with calls for resolutioningmation and talk of the seriousness of the charges. >> but this does not play well for democrats if he does do a plea deal that something less than what republicans feel he should face, here, and it is not a good thing and if he goes
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failure with the trial, it paints a picture headed into the midterms. >> for democrats it is lose-lose and worse if you get a trial simply because it becomes it is on television and reminds people you have a deal, it is a one-day story and it will not be raised over and over but not a national story every day. we have not had a trial since james trafficant and i hate to see rangel in that category. through the lawyers he seemed to be ready to compromise on what you might call those who come when you become a chairman, powerful, you are used to the kingly stuff that goes with it and he stepped over the line on perks but he does not want to resist to the misuse of office, a charge that to solicit $1 million for the rangel city in
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new york, in the charge he was considering giving a tax break to the individual in the company. now, that's corruption. and that's what i think he is holding out on because i don't think he wants to admit that. that would be a stain on a heroic life and korea and i think he will hole out on that and fight. >> the house ethics committee bill could be the least of the worries if he has the justice department looking into some of this stuff. >> he broke the law. he should be charged with tax fahd or not declaring income. i read through the document and i am not overwhelmed by the severity of the charges. some are tax issues which should not be for the ethics committee. some of the disclosure issues he was not paying close attention or was sloppy but he is not a wealthy member and it would not have changed a thing if he disclosed $8,000 of rent on a property or not. and then charles rangel center
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which is the heart of the charges, which is, i guess, part of the city university of new york and he has an interest in getting donors and he did not have direct financial participation in that so it is a little bit of vanity and if you are a company with business support, ways and means committee, you could think sit a good idea to give a clarity to something named after the chairman of ways and means committee but compared to what happens in congress, and the airports that are named after sitting members of congress, and post offices and compared to earmarks that are flowing around, it is pretty small stuff. so i hope he fights it, and stands up. he deserves his day in court. people say, a spectacle, it will be a boring legal discussion and i don't think it will hurt democrats. voters will see a democrat on trial and they will vote against their democrat in ohio or nevada or arizona? i don't believe it. >> it does payment a narrative,
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does it not, of congressman who have been here for a long time who, perhaps, think they are above the law, whatever the charges are, that are listed, it paints a bad picture for democrats headed into the election. you cannot deny that. >> it paints a bad picture of congress, not only of democrats. >> i mean, a bad thing because charlie rangel is a democrat. >> i don't know, i don't think voters put on ethical laps on ... >> they did in 2006. >> that was going down the tubes anyway, this is classic inside the beltway thinking they will throw the whole party out. it doesn't work out like that. >> i disagree. i agree with bill that if you question the members of the class fighting for their lives and holing on to their seats, they are not hearing from voters about charlie rangel but about
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the deficit, the stimulus package, the health care, and everything else. i think it gets them off message to deal with the national media, and focus on a trial in september. >> democrats will be much more hurt by president obama's insisting on a tax increase that will damage jobs and the economy than on a charles rangel case, this is number eight in the list. and there are 28 in the list of democratic worries. >> if democrats were not worried about the impact of the image they would not be lining up to demand his resignation or pressure him. second, on the substance, i agree on all of the charges as being minor like misusing the rent control apartment. everyone in new york has one does that. however, the trading on your office to imply you would change a law or influence the writing of a law in run for $1 million donation, even if that is only
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for a center and not to put in your pock, that is corruption and that's why i think rangel who is a man of honor, would fight that and would not agree to it in a plea deal. >> but they do not show any actual provision. in principle people could have thought he would put it in a provision but with all 9 -- all the ethical laps in congress, this does not rank. >> okay, up next, president >> okay, up next, president obama on race.
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[music playing] alright you guys, it's now time for the results of the homecoming queen election. your homecoming queen is... becca winegar! [cheering and applause]
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♪ what makes you different, makes you beautiful...♪ >> bret: finally tonight, president obama's appearance on "the view." it was historic. it has been said it's the first time a sitting u.s. president visited a daytime talk show. but actually one show pointed out that researchers seem to forget that in many cities maury povich is also a daytime talk show. [ applause ] >> when it comes to 1-year-old jordan, bill. you are not the father. [. [cheers and applause] >> bret: it wasn't us. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid.


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